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Perflas® 9297 Seals, gaskets, and o-rings

Perfluorinated rubber for use in high temperature, high pressure, and aggressive chemicals

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Perflas® 9297 Seals, gaskets, and O-rings

offer outstanding resistance to high temperature (320°C/608°F) service. Perflas 9297 seals resist attack by nearly all chemical reagents, including organic and inorganic acids, alkalines, ketones, esters, alcohols, fuels and high pressure steam. Perflas 9297 seals are resistant to explosive decompression.


Property Value Units
50% Modulus 9.8 (1421) MPa (psi)
100% Modulus 16.7 (2422) MPa (psi)
Tensile Strength 18.4 (2668) MPa (psi)
Elongation 125 %
Shore-A Hardness 93 points
O-ring (-214) Compression Set
ASTM Method B
70hrs @ 200°C/392°F 27 %
Cold Temperature Character    
TR-10 (ASTM D1329) -1 °C
Tg (per DSC) -4 °C

Other Perflas Compounds

  • Perflas 9294 - Aggressive Chemical Service formulated perfluororubber (FFKM) compound.
  • Perflas 9395 - High Temperature Service (280C) formulated perfluororubber (FFKM) 90-duro compound.
  • Perflas 7265 - Highly Fluorinated Broad Spectrum Chemical Resistance (FEPM) compound.

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